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What is Barcode Verification ?

       Bar Code verification to check barcode quality. It is a bridge between printing and scanning of barcodes. It is something more than scanning. Scanning is simply machine recognition or reading of encoded data where as barcode verification is :
  1. Measuring the print quality of a printed barcode and analyze how it will perform in different environments with different types of scanning equipment.

  2. Checking the visual aspects (for eg. Modulation, Decodability and much more) of the printed codes against certain specifications and standards made by international organizations to measure the scanability of the barcode.

  3. Decoding the encoded data and verifying correct data structure and content.

       Verification of barcodes is the best method of quality control for printing barcodes irrespective of the method of printing and the media or surface on which it is printed. Before getting your barcodes printed check why to verify barcodes before introducing them in the system.
       At 3S Industries we ensure 100% scanability thus making it sure that your barcodes will not reach the supply chain with errors or poor quality.
  • Verification of Printed Barcodes (On Package, Boxes, Cartons, Labels etc..) as per ANSI/ISO Standard Procedures.
  • Barcode Verification is done with ANSI, CEN, ISO/IEC 15426-1 compliant Axicon , HHP, PSC barcode verifiers and ISO/IEC 15146 procedures.

  • Printed verification reports are given for every barcode verified.
  • Suggestions for improvement in quality, change in size, direction of printing and colors to be used for printing barcodes are given.
  • Take a look at why to verify bar codes ?

Barcode Verification With Axicon Verifier (CCD Type)

Barcode Verification With HHP QC600 Verifier (Wand Type)

Barcode Verification with laser type wireless portable barcode verifier.

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