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  • Advantages of Printing
  • Laundering Washing Symbols

  • Taffeta Wash Care Labels For Garments

    Taffeta Wash Care Label With Barcode    Label With Wash Care Symbols    Plain Text Taffeta Label

    Satin Garments Wash Care Labels

    Satin Label With Barcode    Size Label   

    Garment Label On High Resolution Printer   

    Printing On Colored Satin,Taffeta Tapes

    Wash Care Label On Colored Tapes

    Advantages Of Clothing Wash Care Garment Labels Printing with 3S Industries :

         Garment Wash Care Labels are printed on label printing machines ( thermal transfer printers ) espically suitable to print textile materials such as nylon taffeta, satin and other polyester based textile materials to meet the most stringent demands of the textile, apparel, clothing and garment industry.
         As the printers are computer operated label printing with variable data printing, serial or continuous numbering is possible thus making the process much more flexible and much faster then conventional methods like screen printing, offset printing and other such printing processes.
         Our barcode label printing software packages can print data from any standard database format (Microsoft Access, Excel, Dbase, Foxpro, Sql Server,My Sql Server, Oracle, SAP, ERP databases, and any other database format that supports ODBC connectivity). All wash care symbols can be printed as these label printing sofwares have built-in support for care label symbols, so there is no need for the customer to provide these care label symbol images thus reducing the possibility of errors and misprinting. Our label printing softwares support multilingual text, giving us an advantage of printing text in many international languages like (russian, hebrew, arabic, greek, turkish, chinese and many more character sets).
         Labels can be printed on both sides front as well as back. Multi Color printing is also possible with most commonly used colors such as blue red green and many other colors.
         We make use of specialized resin thermal transfer ribbons to print nylon taffeta and satin garment wash care labels. Clothing Care Labels printed with us have resistance against the following which are required by the garment and apparel industry.
    1. Resistant to Laundering / Washing Fastness.
    2. Resistant to Steam Pressing.
    3. Resistant to Dry Cleaning.
    4. Abrasion Resistance.
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