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Barcode Label Printing

         We started our barcode label printing service bureau in India in the year 1996 with the idea of offering Top Quality, Complete Reliability And Exceptional Service.
         We use the latest top of the line label printing equipment, high quality raw materials, latest barcode label designing printing softwares to print labels. Quality control equipment like barcode verifiers for verifying barcodes and various other testing equipments to test labels against resistance like abrasion, washing fastness, chemicals, heat, laundering ...
         3S Industries is renowned for Compliance Labeling, Die-Cut Barcode stickers ,taffeta, satin garment care labels, cardboard tags, price tickets, hang tags, hole punched tags for the garment industry,steel industry, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and many other industrial and commercial needs. Polyester, Polyolefin, Polypropylene, Labels, Warranty Labels, Warranty void labels, Security Labels,Tamper Proof Labels, Tamper Evident Labels, Destructible Vinyl Labels for the electronic, automobile, spare parts and computer hardware industry.
         Labels can be printed in many different languages like (russian, hebrew, arabic, greek, turkish and much more) with our label designing and printing softwares with multilingual support. Our system also supports all commonly used database formats like (text, ms access, ms excel, foxpro, dbase, ms sql server, oracle, mysql server, sap and many other database formats).
         Our softwares are also capable of printing labels with serial numbers just at the click of a button. Serially numbered labels can have multiple serial numbers with different jumps on the same label. Sequential numbering can be numeric, alphanumeric or hexadecimal. Serially numbered barcodes can also be printed with the same ease by our highly advanced label printing programs.
         Printed labels are also available in laminated rolls or in laminated sheet form for extra durability and long life. Label Lamination is done using sticker laminating machines or manually by hand lamination.
         All printing , verification, checking and packing processes are done by trained staff to maintain consistent high quality and fast delivery.
         We are a nominated label supplier to a number of MNC apparel and clothing industry brands for printing labels and are also accredited by EAN INDIA as a barcode solution provider.

Barcode Images, Artworks, Symbols

         In addition to our label printing service we also provide Barcode images, artworks for printing on retail packs, boxes, cartons, medical packs, books, periodicals. We provide barcode symbols for EAN , UPC , BOOKLAND ISBN , ISSN , UCC/EAN 128 , CODE 39 , CODE 128 , ITF 14 and many other standard barcode symbologies.

Barcode Verification

         To maintain top quality and complete reliability in barcode printing and artworks it is necessary to verify printed barcodes before they are introduced in the supply chain. Barcode Verification is done with the latest software and hardware as per ANSI/ISO standards.

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